As I’ve recently discovered, the sweater I just knitted is too small.

If you’re not a knitter, or don’t make … furniture, or … babies, then you don’t understand what this means. I’ve just spent hours upon hours of my time deciphering a pattern and fixing mistakes to make a perfect sweater. See, this sweater was worth ripping back yards and yards of yarn for a tiny mistake, because I love it. I have a tendency to give away the things I make (I hope you’re enjoying those mittens, Vivek!) so this was going to be the first thing for myself.


Here is the sweater, in it’s perfectly perfect completed form:

See my forlorned face? See the cuffs? I’m not wearing anything underneath (hee) and it barely fits my torso.

So. I’ve contacted the Rogue community (I’m being serious) and asked for advice. I think I’m going to take Rogue I around with me tomorrow and see if I can’t find a more appropriately sized model. I’m hoping someone will give me fifty American dollars for it. That would recoup the cost of yarn (and I will build a new death star, oh yes). Rogue II will be even better. I plan on knitting the sleeves IN THE ROUND.

Did I just blow your mind?

Email me if you’d like to buy this amazing, hand-knit, lovingly handily handcrafted sweater.

  1. One thing I learned last year from Mellisa Leapman’s class is that people measure themselves as if they already know what number they will get, and then they do!

    She had us wrap a piece of string around ourselves instead of the tape measure, and then measure the string to find out our real size. Some of the people in the class were off by as much as 6 inches!

    You may want to try that technique for yourself to make sure Rogue II is the size you need. (I am working on Eris, myself. Slowly…)

    Good luck! You did good work, even if it’s not perfect for you. It looks beautiful.

  2. Wah? How could this happen? it looks great, otherwise. I’m scared now…what if my Rogue turns out too small? (I haven’t started it yet by the way) If you find out what happened, do share. And don’t worry too much! Your next one will be even better now that you’ve practiced!

  3. I am definitely going to have someone measure me.

    That’s great advice, Nod – and sociologically interesting.

  4. Not only do people measure *themselves* as if they already know what they’ll get, but they do the same with their knitting (been there, done that). You may want to have someone else check the gauge on your sweater, without telling them what you think it is.

  5. Aw, man, you’re right, it is way too small and I’m afraid none of our advice is going to make it fit like it should. It looks beautiful, though. Someone is going to be very very lucky to get this sweater for a mere $50. That’s a steal!

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