The Rogue saga continues

I brought the sweater with me today, in hopes of finding someone it fit. It’s kind of a Cinderella story, only the shoe part – not the rags-to-riches part.

Many thanks (five, to be exact) go to model Nancy, who is the PERFECT size for this sweater. She’s 4’11” and about a size 3.
IMG_8768.JPG tiny_hoodie.JPG

So, anyone who fits that description who has $50 can be the owner of this amazing sweater. Also, there are almost two skeins of yarn left (ug, insult to injury) so you can knit up matching socks, or a scarf, or hat, or a matching sweater for your cat!

  1. I am so sorry your sweater does not fit you. You did a lovely job. Do you have someone you can gift it to for the Holidays?

  2. It looks awesome, I’m sorry it didn’t fit. If it helps, mine fits but has some quirks which eventually I will need to redo…like tacking down the hem and sew up the bottom of the pocket so it actually holds stuff in. Why don’t you give it to someone for Christmas? It is coming up here pretty quick. If not, I would be willing to buy it from you.

  3. I’m the shortest person in my family! I come from giants.

    I truly am looking to find someone to buy it for the value of the yarn, so I can make Rogue II (and have someone measure me first!)

  4. okay this is ridiculous.
    4 foot 11 and size 4.
    and everyone knows that gray is the new half-black.
    and japan is cold. and
    today, as i was looking for sweaters all were cheaply made and…and it will match my skirt of freedom delightfully.

    did the JoAnne above take it?

    give me your PayPal account, give me until Wednesday to transfer funds back to my States bank and I’ll throw in some money for shipping.

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