My parents are immortal. Yes, they are.

I had a long conversation tonight with a friend about our parents and how the idea of them dying is impossible to think about. I remember the conversation I had with my sister years ago agreeing that Mom and Dad were immortal.

Tonight we talked about how it will ever possibly feel OK to have our parents leave us. Even if I have my own family, I don’t think that I will ever be ready for my parents to shuffle off. Seriously. They’re not old enough for me to think that it would be merciful.

I’m maybe just a little freaked out thinking about it. But it’s kind of pleasurable, because it’s an emotional indicator of how I feel. I’m sure there’s lots of things that I won’t miss till they’re gone, but it’s a powerful feeling to miss someone before they leave.

  1. even when they’re gone, they’re never REALLY gone. My mother passed away nearly a year ago but I feel her with me everyday.

  2. That is a GOOD POINT. In fact, they have impacted me more than anyone else, so of course they’ll always be with me.

    And I worry about turning into my mother … ha!

  3. i read “my parents are immoral” and thought i’d have a gander. now i’m depressed. why blog about it especially when the point of the blog is to talk about how talking about it is no good?

    thanks for the photo props.

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