I choo-choo-choo choose you

I spent many many hours on the train today. I started out at 6 AM, from grand Champaign-Urbana, and spend four hours in Union Station waiting for my connecting train to Ann Arbor.

I spent my time reading Devil in the White City, watching SLC Punk and Wallace & Grommit and the Wererabbit Thingie, and knitting the belowmentioned sweater. I haven’t seen SLC Punk since maybe high school, and I’m embarrassed at the esteem I held it to – I have since learned a lot more about anarchism, and it’s slightly unfortunate that my introduction to anarchy was Matthew Lillard’s monologues.

I’d suggest watching the documentary Anarchism in America if you’re interested. It’s a documentary about anarchist developments in the early part of the 20th century. It’s a lot of interviews with oooooold people who look like my great grandma Bertha. Sacco and Venzetti and the whole shebang. I learned a lot, and have decided that the type of social anarchism described in this documentary is really really sweet, and I totally could live in a place where everyone is involved in the community and cares.

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