I like pointy teeth.

I was sitting in an H&M dressing room pondering why I like Avril Lavigne. It hits me – she has Billy Corgan teeth. You know – pointy, feral, vampiric grilles. The same goes for the singer from My Chemical Romance and Fairuza Balk. They’re all bitey faced.

My new zine: Biteyface
(I’d like to put a zine together – and bind it using my sweet conservation skillz. I haven’t figured out what the content should be, other than filled with spam poetry – but that’s not really my work. I don’t want to just C&P blog posts either. I’d take suggestions.)

  1. See, I think I dig the biteyface thing, too. Maybe it’s some leftover Buffy thing, I dunno. But Avril just looks too much like a ferret girl. It bugs.

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