1. This is shockingly bad. Although, perhaps, if you choreographed something for your job interview and were able to get patrons to join in, they’d pretty much have to hire you.

  2. This is so bad. Party Girl is such a great movie, the best library movie ever. I’m not sure how some of the librarians on campus would handle this. I know how we’d handle it at UFL.

  3. Holy cow, Laurie! That is the most hilarious video ever. EVER. The music is the best part. It’s been too too long since I’ve heard Huey Lewis and the News in a mock infomercial.

  4. wow. this is the single most formulaicly worst song i’ve heard since the venga boys, and it doesn’t even have their kitchy humor. but it’s nice to see the dancing janitor motif revived.

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