Hottt or nottt … librarian

Jason told me about a Blogger-like wiki site I could use for a group project*, called Peanut Butter Wiki. After creating a site so we could dump our resources**, and working with it, I realized that wiki technology has come a long way. Kind of like Blogger is to those who are HTLM inept, PBwiki makes things a little more WYSIWYG. (That won’t make sense to those folks I mentioned in the previous sentence. Oops.)

My last interactions with a wiki (other than wikipedia) have been on Nounatron, which at the time seemed neat and new, but now kind of looks like a Commodore screen. (Sorry Jason, I know you are going to restyle it.)

So the hot or not question arises with this: the Hot Librarian wiki. Mostly, I wanted to make lists of things, and organize them. And I thought it might be a good place to keep stuff like upcoming hot librarian events and stuff. Ryan’s into the quote board thing, so that could take off. All of our Flickr pages could be in the same place … if the site had interest, I think it could be neat.

My only concern is if the whole “hot librarian” thing is kind of exclusionary. You know, like religion. My mom always warned me against excluding. Those who are hottt should email me for the password, so you too can start dicking around with the wiki.

*the only reason why I’m not going to make snarky comments about this group project is because I’m working with two elite library students.
** It’s going to be a website featuring roadtrip-themed library materials.

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