New catagory: three questions

I’ve decided that although memes featuring books or former jobs are kind of cute, I’d rather stick to my favorite style of finding out about someone:


I’m going to start by asking three questions of SBeers.

1. In junior high, how did you dress?
2. What is/are your superpower(s)?
3. You totally must want an Anti-Griddle. What would you do with it?

  1. 1. Poorly, of course. I wore Levi’s I think. I barely remember middle school.
    2. I can wear pants for months without them smelling. I can find anything on the Internet. I can craft Google search strings like a mug.
    3. Something involving honey. Like towers of honey and ice cream. Beautiful ones that taste good.

  2. 1. 4-5 Swatches on my arm, rit-dyed thermals under Esprit Tees, tapered jeans, hot pink Chuck taylor High-Tops, with the checkerboard inside, HUGE glasses, with pink plastic rims, sometimes lavender, I am sure I had a perm during some of it; Rember, I am old, so it was mid-late 80’s.

    2. My ability to confuse my subjects, and I can make amazing coffee.

    3. I had no idea that I wanted an anti-griddle until just now, but it seems like it would be perfect for having your own marble slab right in your very own apartment!

  3. Oh, I guess I should pay attention, these wren’t for me! I am so sorry for crashing, it’s just so fun to answer questions!

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