I’m not afraid of being afraid.

A great culmination of current events, environmental politics, and a Salon article have finally made me realize why I love knitting and apocalyptic movies so much.

First, the Salon article, which envelops the current events and environmental politics – “The oil is going, the oil is going!” by Katharine Mieszkowski. It outlines the current ‘peak oil’ point of view, which is those who believe our oil supplies may crash – within the next few years, even – and are taking efforts to ‘power down’ (using less) and figure out how they’re going to weather the storm.

See, here’s where we get to apocalyptic movies. Where do I begin? Tank Girl is my favorite movie, and it’s set in post-asteroid, arid Earth. The Day After Tomorrow is a global-warming tale. Every zombie movie ever made covers how one survives once the zombies come.

Now add my desire to spin and knit myself a sweater out of anything available. And my mad campfire skillz. And my secret dream of living in a treehouse.

It’s never come together like this until I read the oil article. I’m totally down with the peak oil crew. I don’t know if we’ll actually have fuel Armageddon in the next couple of years, but I would LOVE to make a radical change to the way I live (and everybody else). Rooftop garden? Solar panels? Handmade clothes? No car? I’m ready.

I’m sure there will be things I’ll lament (pink hair dye?) but I like the idea of living closer to what allows me to live. I want to appreciate what I have. I want to NOT OWN 10 hoodies. But until peak oil or the zombies come, I don’t know that I have the willpower to get rid of them.

It just occured to me that another reason why I desire this semi-Luddite life is that it wasn’t that long ago that my ancestors lived off the land. My home is a fifth generation farm. I come from self-sustaining folk.

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