90’s sitcom dream

Last night I dreamt that I hosted a party for 1990’s sitcom stars. Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron (who married the dad from Family Matters), and a bunch of other people. In the dream, I had also been a child star, and they all knew me from our time being famous.

I hosted this party in the basement of my parent’s house in Iowa. A tornado was coming, and the cast was grumbling about being an a small farmhouse basement (hey – it’s finished!) and I reminded them that we were safe from the impending weather.

We were grilling steaks and burgers (in the basement!) and everyone was catching up. Someone said something witty, and someone else started quoting an ode. We all finished the last line with them, someone pointed out that it was actually a quote from a movie (not the literary ode it was expressed as) and I said, “Do the Goonies one now!”

Then my aunt Sharon came down the stairs with some appetizers she got at Trader Joe’s.

I don’t see there being any point in analyzing this dream. It’s obviously pop-culture ridden, and I wouldn’t have dreamed it if I were a Masai tribeswoman. I also was up late working on a midterm and drinking Librarian Decaf. (Which is like regular coffee to my caffeine-sensitive body.)

Family Matters!

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