Psyche Oragami

Jason and I celebrated his birthday with a trip to Cowboy Monkey (we’re in Champaign, yo) to see Psyche Origami spin and spit.

Gross. That sounded gross. Let me try again, and this time I’ll keep my enthusiastic hip hop euphemisms to a minimum.

Psyche Origami filled this hole in my heart left because Abdominal hasn’t put out anything new. The lyrics were clever and themed (more or less, anyway more would have been tiring) to the idea that these three guys worked in a gas station. The DJs were great – clean work and good samples. It was a great live show – a testament to how tight they worked together – despite having like 6 people there.

psyche origami logo

I like the logo they’re using, so I bought a teeshirt from the MC before the show. I later saw him taking pictures with a digi camera, and asked if he wanted me to take some photos of all of them during the show. Bold move, but as I’ll explain soon, I was a little drunk.

So I took some photos, and kept hitting the disc limit. I went through to take out some of the crappier ones, and found myself looking at what seemed to be one of the DJs at a girl’s piano recital. Awww. I mean, sorry! I checked their site today, but it looks like they take their sweet time putting up pics. Ah well. I still am a little bit in love with them.

This crew (from Atlanta) played two hours late and I didn’t even care. I didn’t even care that before them I had to sit through a couple of local kids called The Former Fat Boys who used an iPod to play shitty tracks for this cocky white kid to rap badly to, whilst this other Tom Stoner lookalike nodded a lot and stood near the iPod. It was so bad I got drunk.

How bad was it? They played the piano track from Ben Folds Five’s Brick and rapped the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby. Man, I love the idea of a live mashup, but this was FUCKING TERRIBLE. He even prefaced it with “This song is about abortion.”

So anyway, to recap, Psyche Origami is playing in Chicago and Madison and Minneapolis and Bend soon, so all my peeps should go to the show. You’ll have to manually shut your gaping jaws. You also have the benefit of NOT having The Former Fat Boys at your respective shows.

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