Everything looks like scritchy

My YA book club is going to take on graphic novels for an upcoming meeting. This + a trip to Chicago = going to Quimby’s. I didn’t find any actual graphic novels to purchase, but I did get my fill of bag o’ mag and Fillerbunny.

And Lenore, the Little Dead Girl

For the past few days, I’ve been walking around Champaign and thinking everyone looks like they’re in a comic. I don’t know if it’s the inundation of graphicality, or just residual three-day hangover, but it’s kind of neat.

So, does anyone have a graphic novel to suggest? Hm? You know me. What do I like?

  1. Uh…Neil Gaiman, author of the beloved Coraline, does The Sandman novels/comics. Have you checked those out?

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