Geeking out on liquids

I’ve been pining for a good liquid holster for a while. My brother has a great one – very thermos-like, with a screw-top lid and tiny cup that screws on over it. After seeing E in Seattle, and asking her a million questions about her container, I made an over-educated decision. Here’s E’s own words about it.


The JoeMo XL holds 16 oz. and best of all – it has a tea strainer built in. Since I don’t drink a lot of coffee (not that I don’t want to – it’s just that I hallucinate), but I do drink a lot of tea, this is PERFECT. Coincidentally, my eternal-life-mate Jason is also a tea drinker, so I bought two.

We made lapsang souchong in our JoeMos last night and watched a movie. This morning we both made tea before going off to our respective jobs (Jason off to the train, me off to the desk).

Me and Joe Emo

So far, so good. The only downside I read about is the complicated top – but the instructions that came with the little guy said that you can pop the top apart to clean, which is true. I’ll also try not to add sugary or milky substances (like sugar or milk) so its less likely to get funky.

1. I don’t know what to call this specific object. It’s not a mug. It’s not a ThermosTM. It’s not a cup or a jug or a bullet. I don’t want to call it a JoeMoe.
2. I prefer to think of it as JoEMO, because it enables me to drink lapsang souchong and listen to Jimmy Eat World.
3. I can’t talk about the brand and not help thinking about Joe Mohan, whom I refer to as JoMo in my head (and occasionally in a blog post).

  1. I like thinking of it as a JoEMO, too! Funny. You and E are making me want to give these things another shot, it does seem like they would be fabulous for tea. The top part does all come apart to clean, although I still got funky stuff around/in/under the crevices of the rubber parts, and it was hard to get all the small pieces back together. But mine just may be defective in that regard.

  2. JoMo, you’re MADE of liquids. And solids. And Icelandic ponies, or something similarly useful but pleasing.

  3. In the top photo, the glare on the lens of your glasses makes it look like you’re wearing blue eye shadow on only your right eye. Sort of an the-80s-meets-Clockwork-Orange thing. Trippy!

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