I spent my weekend playing Not Pr0n and going to various theatre. Jason and I got comp tickets thanks to the ever-stickly Hannah.

Today I am going to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, again. Then I will continue to do what has consumed me. I will knit.

(I do have to interject that instead of knitting mastery swatches all weekend, I knit on the iPod cozy mastermind piece I have invented for Kate’n’Ade. I even shopped for a toggle, until SOMEBODY got to HOT in the CRAFT STORE.)

I am impatient for this week to be over, because I’m going home Thursday night to spend a three day weekend at a knitting retreat in Wyoming with my mom.

*Happy birthday to JoMo.

  1. So does that mean you’re NOT going to pilates on Thursday or going home AFTER pilates? Or was I not listening completely and wasn’t sure of the day of the class? Just checking.

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