Bitch needs help!

Bitch magazine

Due to the general slump and a specific print-media slump, Bitch magazine is on shaky ground. Other magazines with giant parent companies have the capital to weather these bumpy times. Bitch is nonprofit, and that generally means go down fighting.

They need $40, 000 before October 15 to print the next issue. You can donate here. You can also buy a subscription (that’s what I did, along with a donation), or send a subscription to someone else – it helps Bitch, and it definitely falls into the category of a gift that keeps on giving. The first person to send a year’s subscription to a friend and comments on it will receive a year’s subscription from me. Yay, altruism abound!

Even once they reach the mark, that means they’ve covered the *next* issue, not that they’re sitting pretty. Go on, donate!

(Also, doesn’t Andi Zeisler look like a certain Kate B.?)

  1. I just subscribed for myself and gave another subscription as a gift – great timing with your post. I had NO IDEA what to get her. And I would have really kicked myself if they’d have gone under and I didn’t realise.

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