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There’s been a recent discussion, in my e-world, about children’s books online. Could you blog a continuing picture book for children? Sure – there are blog comics and stories that exist, and children’s stories are usually compact in their plot and have lots of pictures anyway.

That’s when someone mentioned an Email Mystery. It’s a mystery story, told in emails, but instead of reading a bound book of emails (I just finished Donorboy, which has a lot of emails-as-narrative) it’s actual emails sent to your inbox, every day. It’s called The Daughters of Freya, and it’s sent, 4-5 installments a day, over three weeks. The plot seems to involve a sex cult, so it’s probably pretty interesting (if not actually good).

I love that it’s parceled out, so you can’t stay up till 4 a.m. ravishing it. Inherently, it gives you time to think about the plot. It’s $5. I think I may have to try it out. And then maybe write my own?

  1. The Yarn Harlot’s mentioned a knitalong along (ha!) the same lines – it’s called the “mystery shawl,” I think, and you get a bit more of the pattern every week, but you don’t know what the final design will be.

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