New book-related social website!


It’s GoodReads, and it’s LibraryThing plus the friend part of Netflix. I just signed up. You can have it look at your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail address book and see if any of your friends are already signed up. Library Jen is on, and so’s my BFF Jake and my girl-crush Annette. Not really a surprise, since two are hottt librarians, and the third is a writer.

Anyway, I can keep track of the books I’ve read, want to read, am currently reading, see what other’s are reading, and write reviews! It says you can create bookshelves, to classify books into your own division. (Ooooh folksonomy!)

I had started a list of all the books I had read so far this year, using Google Docs, but I like sharing. I’m good at sharing. Let’s share.

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