1. I was writing to a friend about you the other day when I came up with a good new band name: Tattoo Guru. (And, yes, you were the guru in question.)

    Ooh, and if they did a kids’ cover band of Cake (a la the Wiggles), perhaps they could be the Cupcakes?

  2. Oooh! Nice.

    I feel like Steve Carrell on The Office, trying to come up on the next good pun. Uhhh, ahhhh. Muffintop. Damn. 30 Rock already did that one.

  3. Oh, I am so down for a Cake cover band.
    Start perfecting your “heeeeeeeeey-hoooooooooooooh!”s and “aaaaalllllriiiiiiight”s now.

  4. Or if the members of the cover band were all French, perhaps … Petit Fors?

    I’m stopping now, I promise.

  5. The punchline is … “Let them all eat Marie!”

    The joke, however, I haven’t come up with. Errm.

  6. And we could play with a band called Fruit, and the tour could be sponsored by Fig Newtons.

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