Names and names

Jason and I have decided to not change last names. We decided that a while ago.

This weekend, I asked Jason’s mom how she chose his name – he was born in September, and August through November spell out J-A-S-O-N. (How Jason’s sister got her name is an even better story, but not mine to tell. Then again, neither is Jason’s. Hm.)

I was named after Sonja Heine, the famous figure skater and actress. My parents decided to change the spelling, thinking that j is a hard letter to make when you’re little. It also kept me from dotting the j with a heart, star, smiley face, etc.

I like that my parents were so concerned for their new child, getting the hang of spelling and the making of letters. I get asked if I’m Norwegian a lot. (Once, I was asked if I was a squarehead. That query came from an old man.)

*warning – totally gross, smoopy, mushy stuff up ahead*

If my name has been spelled like my namesake, I could do this: sonjasonjasonjasonjasonjason

So I’m considering it – chainging my name, a single letter actually, in reflection of my solidarity to my soulmate.

  1. I like knowing the logic behind names…and I love the idea of you slightly altering your first name instead of swapping last names (or as several friends of mine hve done, simply dropping their original middle name and ‘promoting’ their given surname to fill the slot…a good alternative to be sure, but I’m rather attached to my middle name.) And while we are on the subject, I’d like to once again thank my father for saving me from the name ‘Priscilla’ that my mother had picked out. Thanks Daddy.

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