My neck, my back, one wrong turn and I felt a crack.

Try singing that to the Khia song “My Neck, My Back”. That’s how it sounds in my head, and that’s what’s keeping me from taking Jason’s expired Vicodin.

Jason and I went to Buffalo for his grandma’s 80th birthday, and ironically, I got my first old-person injury. You know the kind, the kind your parents complain of – making a slight movement, like in the garden or reaching for an eraser, and herniating a disc or misaligning whole portions of their spine.

I was simply attempting a Cirque du Soleil move with Jason in his parent’s basement during a game of pool. I jumped on his back, he bent forward, and I kicked my legs in the air behind me. As my back arched, I heard a crack-crack-crack.

I spent the rest of the weekend lying on the floor, listening to conversations. It was actually quite humbling. I’m a talker, so to be forced to remain out of sight was good for me. Still, I feel like I’ve been betrayed by my body for the first time, at age 28.

(I’m going to the chiro tomorrow, and should be fine – thanks for letting me talk like an old person too. This should be my dad’s blog, not mine. Hey pops, when are you setting up

  1. My cure for back pain: childbirth. For the entire third trimester of my pregnancy with Isaac, I had a small but terrible segment of my back (the muscles along each side of the spine, right along the bra strap area) that was so tight and contracted that the muscles almost burned in pain. Think when you’ve bent over the floor wrapping Christmas presents for an hour and then your back hates you for it … except for three months straight and there’s nothing you can do about it. Blech. Plus side, as soon as Isaac was born and I didn’t have almost nine pounds of baby and additional pounds of placenta and fluid pulling me in the front and I was able to actually lay down on my back to sleep, it got delightfully better. Except for when I’m wrapping presents. 🙂 But my point is: Be well and heal.

  2. I’m glad you cllarified your point in the end, for I was about to impregante myself in order to escape the $20 copay at the chiropractor.

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