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Hey all. My wallet (which I got in 1996 by trading my sister a scrap of paper or something) is falling apart. Long ago I took the rude-girl chain off, and it’s served me well lo these 10 years. It’s finally starting to fail, and I need a new wallet.

Does anyone have any good website suggestions? I’m thinking cute and big-eyed more than black leather and Dad-esque. I’d prefer small over large, especially since I only carry cash and small plastic bits. (Note to stalkers and thieves: I do not carry cash or small plastic bits.)

I saw this duct tape wallet,
duct tape wallet and the description warns that homemade duct tape wallets tend to ooze adhesive. I think I agree.

Then again a homemade duct tape wallet is much, much cheaper. Also, I like the idea RFID blocking, even though I don’t own anything with RFID tags. I think. It mentions paper money as starting to have RFID tags, so one can’t be too careful.

Anyway, this was mostly a chance to blather on about online shopping and RFID tags. Did I tell you about the time I talked to the 3M people at the ALA convention about their RFID tags for library books? It ended in a fisticuff.

No it didn’t.
Tonight, after finishing my cataloging homework,
I made myself a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanuts. Just like dad.

  1. Guess what I am wearing right now? A hat I believe you crocheted (I know the spelling on that is all messed up) for me years ago. I found it when I was cleaning out my closet…it’s hotter than balls here, but I’m wearing it out today anyway. I heart you. I’ll put a photo on my blog later.

  2. Anyone who willingly wears a homemade crocheted hat on their head, during the summer, in Florida, is a true friend indeed.

    — Confucius

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