I Need a Wallet, or One of those cry for the blogosphere to help someone choose something to purchase

Hey all. My wallet (which I got in 1996 by trading my sister a scrap of paper or something) is falling apart. Long ago I took the rude-girl chain off, and it’s served me well lo these 10 years. It’s finally starting to fail, and I need a new wallet.

Does anyone have any good website suggestions? I’m thinking cute and big-eyed more than black leather and Dad-esque. I’d prefer small over large, especially since I only carry cash and small plastic bits. (Note to stalkers and thieves: I do not carry cash or small plastic bits.)

I saw this duct tape wallet,
duct tape wallet and the description warns that homemade duct tape wallets tend to ooze adhesive. I think I agree.

Then again a homemade duct tape wallet is much, much cheaper. Also, I like the idea RFID blocking, even though I don’t own anything with RFID tags. I think. It mentions paper money as starting to have RFID tags, so one can’t be too careful.

Anyway, this was mostly a chance to blather on about online shopping and RFID tags. Did I tell you about the time I talked to the 3M people at the ALA convention about their RFID tags for library books? It ended in a fisticuff.

No it didn’t.

8 Responses to “I Need a Wallet, or One of those cry for the blogosphere to help someone choose something to purchase”

  1. Laurie says:

    if the mood strikes you to make your own wallet, there are “make your own duct-tape wallet” workshops held at the Champaign Public Library. No, really. I am serious.

  2. Kimmm says:

    Check out pixelgirlshop.com
    If you don’t like the wallets, you can get a Monster Clutch. Or a unicorn messenger bag.

  3. dents de dent says:

    let me make you one. no i’m serious. duct tape or no.

  4. Kasia says:

    Mine is from here: http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbee/Browse?category=wallets

    I like the boy wonder wallets. I had a duct tape wallet once, it was awesome but after awhile it got sticky gunk on all my cards and stuff. Not fun.

  5. Kat Bartik says:

    Ah! I was totally going to recommend QueenBee on buyolympia.com, too. Two votes for QueenBee!

  6. Ted 3 says:

    I think a duct tape wallet is too trendy for you, Donya. I say go for Gucci. Or JC Penny’s.

  7. sasha says:

    woah…did you see the RFID exhibit at open source this spring. The artist (also a truck driver) had this traveling road show that consisted of using RFID tags to track the process of exchanging items. The whole point of the show was to find stuff you wanted and propose a trade for something you didn’t want. She would scan and exchange the tag and then record you as you described what you were trading and why. It was pretty sweet…I got myself a Jesus on the Cross potato peeler and a sweet corduroy vest.

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