Rusty Kohl.

This was like a bazillion years ago, but I haven’t blogged in so long, I kind of forget how it goes.

So here’s today’s thingie: Straight-A Student Pulled From Class Over Hair Color: School Forbids ‘Distracting’ Hairstyles (There’s a picture.)

She’s this totally cute, smartie girl who can’t have red highlights. I took this as a personal affont. What could possibly be next? Visual distraction is fun. That’s what I say. More fun than stupid boys in my class ripping farts every five minutes in Mr. Ketelsen’s eight grade english class.

Iiiiii mean, ahem, perhaps they should think about what’s distracting and what’s not. *Grumble* Just because it’s a natural function does not make you free to create the loudest possible farts. It was an epidemic during junior high. How did they do that even? I spent all my time learning how to make them silent. (Another superpower.)

  1. Why is the heading Rusty Koll? Is that as in Rusty Koll, one man show? I wonder what the hell he’s up to?!?!?!?

    One and a half weeks of school left, than a week in New York City, than I don’t know what…I need to be done!

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