My new favorite Pokemon

Q: How do fish get from one side of the pond to the other?

A: Carpal tunnel.

*I’m using the patented Invisi-Punchlineâ„¢ technology of The Sneeze.
*I’d like to dedicate this joke to Jake. You don’t hear ME complaining about grad school ailments.
This is Skitty. Skitty evolves into Declatty. FYI. More info and fighting stats here.

Jason feels that this image looks like a pile of body parts. I will refer you to a different picture to gauge the cuteness of Skitty. Skitty, whole

  1. What is that thing? It looks like a pile of body parts. I thought Pokemon were supposed to be cute?

  2. Cute, yes. But I also see signs of the devil. The fleshtone face coloring resulting in horns above the eyes and then the devilishly large ears protruding from the top of the skull. The pitchfork, three prong tail. This is clearly Satan masquerading as a Pokemon, beware my friend. 🙂

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