Public Affairs is a business-professional dress office. I'm wearing tights, for Cripes sake. As I am one of the younger employees, my dress and style tend to be more young and hip.

Today while wrestling said tights down to an appropriate spot to pee, I heard someone come in to the restroom. After a great deal of 'shhhhhh'-ing, the heady aroma of sticky floral permeated the bathroom.

Someone had come in with the express purpose of re-hairspraying their hair. I accelerated my routine in order to get a glimpse of the diva, and as I turned the corner down the long hall, I saw a sweet, 80s style 'do walking away from me. In her hand swung a giant, bright red can of hair spray.

THAT'S what I like about PA. I could probably gesture with a tampon on the way to the restroom, and not bat an eye.