I need mirrored sunglasses.

Anton suggested peoplewatching as a hobby on my long commutes up to North Chicago. After a week of taking the train, I thought I'd hyperventilate and fall over. Somehow the stress was greater than the eight hours I spent at work.

I followed his advice, and have enjoyed the benefits of peoplewatching as a sport. Well, sport like fishing is a sport. Yesterday I noticed an old old man with leathery hands holding a leather wallet and leather portfolio. The leather of his things were the same color and texture as his skin.

There was a woman with her three children riding into the city on the 5:20. As the conductor handed the change back, one of the children reached out his hands, and the conductor feigned the money into the child's hands. When he actually placed the money in the mother's hand, the little boy made the very specific "I don't understand money, but I know I want it, and I don't see why I can't have the money you just gave my mother."

I remember that from my childhood. Since I didn't know where money came from, there was no reason not to keep it, if some jokey store clerk thought they were being amusing.