Bad night’s sleep

I wrenched something in my back yesterday – so I slept badly and gingerly last night. Flickr says my pictures are an unreadable format, even though they are clearly labelled .jpg. Ah well. I’ll post them tonight.

I’m mailing off my TKGA Master Knitting Level 1 package today. I’m starting to realize that although it only took me a month or so do complete this first level, the next two might take me years. I mean, I’m starting school in (AHH!) two months, and a good 17 days of that are going to be spent on vacation. I don’t think I can handle knitting an argyle sock on a roadtrip.

“Roadtrip” you ask? Yes, after spending an incredibly extended Fourth of July weekend with Graver et. al. at a cabin in Michigan, Jason and I are flying to NYC to hang out for a few days before hooking up with Charles and Silva to begin the epic 2005 roadtrip to Austin, TX. I’ll get back for three more weeks of work at Abbott, then I’m off to fine Chambana.

I wonder how I can rig up the camera during the roadtrip…

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