Homeschooling in the time of COVID

I live in the Boston area, and my kiddo’s school is pausing as of Monday because there have been confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area. I’m going to share what I find that help me keep my kid from climbing the walls.

The Last Week Tonight episode about coronavirus is funny and angering and cathartic. My favorite part was learning that a) there’s a coronavirus-educating song popping off in Vietnam and b) there’s a dance for it. (Context: youths use the app TikTok to create dance routines for just about anything, and this is no exception.)

Day 1: learn the coronavirus dance


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  1. E says:

    I love that your previous post was also about tending to a bored 80. We’re homeschooling the big kid, so I’ll look forward to reading about what you discover! Duolingo has been a big hit in our house of late.

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