Wow wow wow. This is awesome. It’s a blog of postcards with secrets written on them. You write a secret on the postcard, and mail it to the blogmaster, and they post it on the site. I wonder if this is just enough catharsis – between creating the postcard, sending it (showing to all the world/postal workers) and it being posted to the world on a blog – to make you feel better about the secret.

  1. This is really interesting. I got an immense wave of sadness reading most of them. I guess it’s the idealist in me that wants to see more postcards of secret happiness rather than secret suffering. I guess it shows how often we must, socially, put on a happy face, when inside we are so often feeling pain. I wonder if they get catharsis as well. I hope they do.

    For another postcard site, go to:

    The site inspired me, upon finding postcards that I like and wanting to send them to someone, I don’t write a long-winded, “Wish you were here” message but instead, three lines of haiku poetry. Short and sweet.

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