A Whole Ton of Random Sonya Facts

I had my adenoids out, and tubes put in my ears, when I was little, which was my only hospital stay.
I’ve never broken a bone.
My hair falls out a more rapidly than average.
I love divulging information about myself – it’s more attention.
I hit my newborn sister in the nose with a baton when I was 5. It was my birthday.
My first school-age crush was on Jason Boyd.
My first crush ever was on Michael Magnus.
I cut of the tip of my left third finger with a papercutter in a dark room. It grew back.
I play (more or less proficiently) the trombone, euphonium, and tuba.
I’ve kissed two boys my sister has kissed.
As a baby, I never crawled. I was too fat.
My last name was changed from Grün when my family came to America.
My parents named me after Sonia Heine, the famous ice dancer. Only they spelled it with a ‘y’ because they thought an ‘i’ was too hard for a little girl to write.
I have texture issues with eating – I dislike most beans and hate chili.
I once saved a turtle’s life when I was firefighting in Maryland.
Yeah, I said Maryland. I was a wildland firefighter during AmeriCorps*NCCC.
I’ve never seen a Die Hard movie.
I once stuck a raisin so far up my nose my dad had to take me to the emergency room.
When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to change my name to … Trissy.
My first kiss was in the back of a school bus in sixth grade.
My grandma taught me how to knit when I was in high school.
I started knitting my first sweater senior year and didn’t finish it till I was a senior in college. It’s hideous.
I was the editor of my college paper – The Buzz.
I hated fourth grade.
One of my nostrils is larger than the other one.
My favorite book is The Little Prince, and I have a tattoo of the little guy on my back.
I’m a sucker for technical gadgetry.
I like spinning yarn. I have this big bag of alpaca fiber sitting at home. It’s kind of creepy looking.
I like cats better than dogs. But not by a lot.
I like being outside. I’d rather be outside than inside. That’s where the website name came from. My sister is an ‘inside cat’, thereby making me an ‘outside cat’.
I want to invent something to replace smoking that will give you something to do with your hands when you’re at a bar.
My middle name is Lea. It means ‘green pasture’.
Growing up, I spelled things with an extra ‘e’ or ‘u’ like I was actually a Canadian adoptee.
I always wear a silver ring and a watch.
I was the captain of my high school cheerleading squad.
I was the bass player for the Calamus-Wheatland high school pep band.
My class had 33 people in it.
My first sentence was “Mommy picks up Sonny’s toys”.
I like Cream of Wheat.
This just got really boring, even for me.

  1. I also had my adenoids out AND had tubes in my ears every year. The adenoidectomy never helped me breathe through my nose effectively.

  2. Does that make you a mouth breather? Ha ha. I guess I lost most of my hearing for a while before the adenoidectomy, but I haven’t dealt with it much since. All my hearing loss now is from not wearing proper ear protection while using power tools.

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