I’m cranky.

Yes, I’m feeling cranky. Constantine was voted off American Idol, a show I never watch, except last night. I do have a crush on the guy, and now I’m cranky.

I can’t seem to get a response from the four people I’ve emailed at the U of Illinois about the question I have concerning graduate assistantships. I don’t feel like doing anything else until I hear back from them, which only hurts myself, so I’m cranky.

I have a sink full of dishes.

My Denise Interchangeable Needle kit hasn’t arrived yet.

I don’t like the outfit I’m wearing, and my sleeves are too short.

I haven’t heard from Jason about tonight or this weekend, so I can’t finalize plans, and mentioning it on my blog is passive-agressive.

Rar rar rar. Cranky.

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