Why so serious?

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A scrape, a bruise, lunch, and blue fuzz from the rug adorn my child’s grille.

During the course of today, 80 got scrapes on both sides of her cheeks. Of course,this should remind you of that teeshirt of Heath Ledger’s The Joker. Naturally.

The right side of her face is a combo scrape and bruise, the left side a plain ol’ scrape. The scrabruise happened this morning before naptime. There is a rule — let’s call it The Pre-Toddler Law, that states “the closer you are to nap time (and thus the less balanced and coordinated you are), the more it will hurt when you fall down”. The very same biff would be shaken off with nary a cry if 80 had been fresh, but since it was just before a nap, she took it hard.

On the upside, isn’t she cute anyway?

  1. I call the pre-toddlers bobblers. You just want to keep a hockey helmet on them at all times!

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