Crane Humidifiers: not scared of futureworld

Long story short, my Hello Kitty humidifier kicked it. I emailed the company asking for a replacement, and they said sure — all I have to do is cut off the cord to the humidifier and send it to them (to protect them from scammers, I imagine). I emailed back and asked if I could take a video of me cutting off the cord, instead of having to buy a mailer, pay for postage, and hardest of all: lug my baby through the sloshy streets to the post office.

I figured there was about a 25% chance of them saying yes. If I was right that they wanted the cord as proof that the humidifier was not going to be used again, a video should do it. That being said, I could imagine a company having a rigid policy that didn’t allow for anything but what they’d stipulated. Or they required the cord for some other reason.

I was pleased to get a response saying they’d be happy to accept a video, as long as I made sure the whole humidifier was in the shot. Easy peasy with my Mac computer. 80 is napping, so I just shot the video, edited out the end where I lunge for the pause button (once an AV geek, always an AV geek), uploaded it to Youtube for your enjoyment, and blogged this all in about 15 minutes.

  1. “Or they required the cord for some other reason.”

    This line made me think of the classic fairy tale belief that the essence of a person was concentrated in their lungs and liver. Perhaps the essence of the humidifier is in its cord . . .

  2. That was a beautiful sacrifice. How long did your crane humidifier last? I bought a frog one for Ollie’s room a long, long time ago, but it only lasted about 3-5 months before it kicked it. Meijer in Champaign took it back for me, then I bought an ugly vick’s one that won’t die.

  3. It was about two months before it started making strange noises, and a few more before it died completely. Sounds like they’re maybe not made real well.

    I would much prefer having a humidifier that doesn’t require the effort to replace it, although I really REALLY like having Hello Kitty in the house.

  4. I hear you, Hello Kitty is much cuter than Vick’s. Maybe get a Hello Kitty toaster, and you can have her cute little face on all of your toast?

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