I leave for five minutes …

DSC_0789, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

In the background is the recycling bin (and the litter box). In the foreground is my baby, my visiting brother and a catalog (now human hamster nest). They had a blast, and I got to have a leisurely shower.

Things have been rough for me, and it’s great to have my brother visiting. I think I’d like to write more about what’s been going on, because it’s exactly the stuff that no one tells you when you have a baby, and yet it’s not totally scary where I’d not want to talk about it for fear it will end human procreation.

I’ll work on that post, and continue to post cute pictures in the meantime. My new camera is inspiring to shoot more, although we put most of the pictures on our private Flickr account. If you know us, you can find us as Wadsgreen, and we’ll befriend you.

  1. I am pretty sure I had a good honest conversation with you about said scary stuff, and it didn’t stop you! Thank goodness! Look, you can have that conversation with me as well, I would love to be your soundboard, anytime. I can tell you that things do change and get better, though I don’t think my brain will ever be mine anymore, lot’s of things will never change, but lots of things do. Post the scary stuff if you want, I think it’s good to hear and nothing a mother hasn’t written about before, or just email it to me if you’d like.

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