Let’s just scrap February and call it March

February suuuucked. My back went out, there was rampant pukey flu and much momentum was lost. Finally, finally my back feels better and neither 80 nor I are puking.

Backpack baby

A few days ago I bought a new camera, which I’m using as the springboard for my photography business. It doesn’t hurt to have a new, slick gadget to help gain momentum. Now, to take some test shots and get comfortable with it …

Empathy, or mocking

  1. I got a Nikon D7000. It’s a new model, so much like computers it has harder/better/faster/stronger components cheaper than its predecessors. Plus it works with my existing lenses, so I could just buy the body.

  2. Ahhhh! You have a giant purple monster on your back!

    She looks so devious, like she is about to tickle you! Give her a million kisses from me!

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