Correction: now there’s a tooth

Whatever I thought a baby tooth was supposed to look like, I was wrong. Baby teeth are not rounded little bags of cream*.

Today 80 and I discovered that a baby tooth is a jagged mountain that erupts slowly, starting with the pointiest peaks. Babies’ teeth are like kitten claws–viciously sharp for something so otherwise cuddly.

As long as she’s engaged, her mind is off her pain. Napping is hard. We had a lot of conversations today about how I hope she’s not a biter.

Things that helped include chewing on her Sophie giraffe**, going for a walk, and listening to the eponymous Throwing Muses album***.

*Mighty Boosh reference
**thank you for the hand-me-down,
***helpful to me, since I’m interviewing Kristin Hersh

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3 Responses to “Correction: now there’s a tooth”

  1. E says:

    OK, so what’s the story with this giraffe? Does it have magical powers or something?

  2. melissa says:

    *laugh* We’ve been suspecting an incoming tooth for a while. But still nothing.

    It’s been my experience that all children are biters – at least once. My oldest bit more than my middle son (the Imp). The Imp bit to test things out. What will mama do? Does this make my gums feel better? Can I make her screech again? He eventually got over it. We’re still nursing and he’s two. He doesn’t bite exactly, but he grips with his teeth and it can be unpleasant. Lately we’ve worked it out so that if I remind him not to bite things go more smoothly.

    The first baby bite is the worst. No matter how much you think you’re expecting it, it’ll shock you. I had to fight my instinctual urge to swat at whatever was hurting me. My advice is to not yelp too loud – she may be scared of nursing after that or she may find it hilarious and try to invoke the same response again.

  3. Sonya says:

    The sophie giraffe is the magical yuppie toy you have to have. It’s a rubber squeak toy, and it’s legs and nubby antlers are really good for chewing. There’s just something about the ergonomics of a toy giraffe. I’m pretty sure it’s been around for a long time, and they’re not fixing what’s broke.

    Melissa, thank you for the advice on not reacting to biting the first time! I’m sure I’d flip, otherwise.

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