Wadsgreen update

80 has a tooth. Well, she has a tooth nubbin, which has barely broken the surface of her gums, but she’s totally growing bones. She’s been a bit cranky in the evenings, and on Saturday night I was playing with her and realized she had a tooth. It all makes sense in retrospect — the added drool, the cranky. Still, I thought this would be much more of an ordeal, involving anbesol, frozen teething rings, and whiskey (for her and/or us).

It’s hard to explain how things like this make me feel. I’m so triumphant, so excited, and have to keep saying it over and over for it to sink in. “She has a tooth. She has a TOOTH.” Things are moving so fast and so slow at the same time, these little huge things are really cool. I’m realizing that all the times parents were talking to me about some boring story involving their kid, it’s not entirely because they think I need to know. They need to absorb it, reflect on it, remember it and capture it in their minds, because it’s happening so fast for them. Enjoy this one with me, and remember this next time you’re talking to a parent. Just look in their eyes and see what’s going on for them.

Jason and I were just discussing* how today I turned on the heat for the first time this season**, and we need to take the air conditioning unit out of the window. In our new place, the heat is from radiators, so there’s hissing and squealing as the heat turns on. I was telling him that it’s a very friendly heat. It’s warmer. Maybe it’s the noises that accompany it. I said it was like living in Howl’s Moving Castle.

Jason said he was very excited. I asked him to clarify if he was excited about the A/C or the heater. He said both, but he meant the A/C. He’s been looking forward to taking it out for a while, knowing that it means the end of summer and the promise of cool weather only.

We decided we’d take the A/C out tonight, then watch Howl’s Moving Castle. It will be very, very cozy.

*over IM, because we are digital folks
**we have a little baby who hates things on her hands and would get them all drooly anyway and then just be cold, so we’re keeping the heat level at a toasty 72. In previous years, I think we kept it at 68. Like so many other things, I’m willing to be all hippie and crunchy, unless it really makes me miserable. I pick my environmental battles, and am happy in the meantime.

  1. Eep! I love it. I was just thinking about how I could make some radiator guards if 80 doesn’t steer clear of them. Painting one to look like a fireplace was obvious. Painting one to look like Calcifer is what I’ll HAVE to do.

    I once knitted a Calcifer, but it wasn’t nearly as charming as I had wanted it to be. Maybe I’ll have to try again for 80.

  2. Ooooh! A knitted Calcifer?! I’ve only recently started knitting. But it’s sort of an addiction now. In fact, I’m currently knitting a Serenity ship.

    We have a tortoise shell cat named Calcifer. (:

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