Fast craft: initial singularity

Fast craft: initial singularity, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

I wanted to make a personalized onesie* for my friends’ baby, Emerson. First I had
thought of a heat-transferred or screenprinted image of Ralph Waldo,
but decided against anything that you couldn’t wash a million times,
or that might feel unpleasant against the skin.

This was the fastest craft I have ever crafted. Here’s how to make an
embroidered monogrammed onesie in 15 minutes.

1. Go to the thrift store and buy a onesie. I got this one for a dollar.
2. Using a pencil, draw the letter(s) you want to embroider. One of
the appealing factors to this aesthetic is the simplicity, so don’t
overdo it with the serifs.
3. Using sewing thread (I knotted the ends together, giving me a
doubled stitch), stitch over the pencil marks. I went for longer
outward stitches and short back-facing stitches. If the fabric were
see-thru, it would look like this: -•-•-•-
4. Knot the thread and trim ends.
5. Feel the bask of pleasure that comes with crafting.

*Jason’s taken to calling onesies (like this one) "singularities". I
think we are going to be awesomely nerdy parents.

  1. Have you mentioned before that you were having a boy? Have you mentioned the name you’re using before?? Did I just find both things out right now reading your blog? I love the internet.

  2. See, my detective work suggests you’re having a girl, yes? But I wasn’t sure if Emerson is the moniker for your baby or someone else’s wee one. You’ve been known to be crafty for the offspring of others, too.

    And will be the baby be a Wadsworth or a Green? Emerson Green is *this close* to Emerald Green … which is kind of fun and Wizard of Oz-y, somehow.

  3. Er, I should have clarified. Emerson is a friend’s baby. Ours is a girl, and we’re totally not naming names. We’re waiting until we meet her to make the final nomenclature decision.

    The baby will have the last name Wadsworth, upon Jason’s request. I have no qualms with that, since it’d be hard to find a name that some other Green relative didn’t already have.

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