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Help me out, folks.

Our Student ALA organization is having a design contest for this year’s shirt. I think I have it in me to make the best teeshirt design ever, but I could use a little help on the ideas front. Hmm? HM?!


Subtle, subconscious awesome-oh.


I don’t even care if it’s real. This made my journalist/proofreader heart sing with joy. It’s not often I enjoy Bush-bashing comics (they just don’t fill the gaping hole in my heart), but this does.

Thanks, T.

Sucker for altruism

You may not know this, but last week I considered dropping my classes, quitting my graduate assistantship, and heading down south to volunteer with the Red Cross/FEMA. Back in AmeriCorps, I was disaster services trained, and considering the veritable load of help that is needed, it seemed selfish to dally around school learning about EBSCO when I could be providing help.

After talking to my parents, the school, my GA boss, and random friends I saw, I realized that this is exactly the wrong time to go off for several months. Even though the school assured me that I could re-start next semester, and find a new GA, I didn’t want to screw up what I’ve already started. This schooling is going to make the rest of my life what I want it to be.

But boy did I grapple with it.

Then I got an email from an AmeriCorps teammate who assured those of us in school thinking about taking a semester off to help that FEMA and Red Cross are so disorganized right now, we really wouldn’t be providing enough help to offset the personal sacrifices we were making.

So I felt better about my choice, but much much worse about the state of affairs. I am so frustrated, like we all are, and the only thing I can do now is remind myself that when I’m done with library school I’ll be helping people in my own way. Being in school is important because of that. And hope that the organization improves, because I’d like to spend winter break or summer break helping. Maybe Habitat for Humanity will have their shit together.

Hi. I’m not dead.

I get to read long-ass articles about blogging and the future of the book, but because I’m not chained like a monkey to a computer every day, with time to waste, I’m just not blogging the way I used to. The numbers are down, man.

That’s OK. I liked to think of my blog as a fairly consistant, epost-every-day blog. You know, like Jake’s. But now it’s the Ooohh, isn’t that interesting, she’s mulling over privacy rights and copyright issues every-three-days blog. You’re cool with that, right?


Year of the Rat

Jason and I got back from watching Howl’s Moving Castle tonight, and turned on the tv (and turned on the tv – that’s a joke for Jake) to find our PBS affiliate playing the most best awesome videos on a show called Video Diner. Fatlip, Beta Band, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock …

And then we saw the video for Badly Drawn Boy’s Year of the Rat (in Quicktime). It was the most wonderful thing in the world. It made me tear up. It is just amazing.

Now, I say that, but how many of you are going to click on the hyperlinked words? I suppose to press how important it is, I’ll tell you that you will feel better after you see it. It’s more nice, fuzzy, and good than a mixed bag of Tribbles, Care Bears, Dancing Animals in Love, and my parent’s beagle Johnathan Edwards.

Now, I don’t want to tell you more, because part of loving it was kind of discovering it. So, go, look at it.

Other viewing options:

Year of the Rat (Windows Media Player)

Year of the Rat (Real Player)

Lower GSLIS bathroom: a review

I hate the bathroom in the basement of the library school building (the one by the Children’s Center for Books but Not Drug Paraphernalia) because on the disused, abandoned paper towel dispenser, someone used scare quotes to emphasize their desire to not have the dispenser refilled.

Scare quotes

It’s not a famous quote, like if you were to make a sign that said

“We hold these truths to be self evident”
Do not refill

This is not the most egregious use of the scare quote – I think the worst was the back of a Mac truck I was behind on the highway – Jason pointed out that it said “coffee”, and there was a graphic of a cuppa. I wish I had a picture. This is the visual rival to my hatred of the word literally improperly used.

“I literally had to go to the bathroom.”

Right. As opposed to the figurative sense that you’re keeping me from interpreting. Grrrr. The point is … THE POINT IS … every time I go to that bathroom, I think about making a new sign. Do not refill, and do not use scare quotes. People don’t “like” it.

My weekend, in 4

This is what it looks like when you’re politely quaffing beer because you can’t hear a damn thing at Nick’s Beergarden with Kateri.

This is what it looks like when you and your sig. oth. travel to Portland to see your good friend Lia and go to the playground in Sellwood.
These are Toys R Us kids.

This is what it looks like when you’re trying to get the ‘gorges’ view in the picture with you, as you hike along the Columbia River gorge.
Oregon is gorges.

THIS is what it looks like when you say goodbye to old friends, because you went to the Columbia outlet store and bought a new pair of shoes.
Goodbye, old friends.

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