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Secular gifting

There’s something really nice about thinking of someone you love, and thinking of something you could buy them. For instance, given a bottomless wallet, I would buy my friend Angela a professional membership to LibraryThing or my brother a kayak.

But there’s something I don’t like about Christmas. I think it’s that I don’t get to savor the individual gifts I’m giving people, nor do I get to savor the gifts I get. Just today, I packed up a whole bunch of presents to send, and the doorbell rang. It was the always and standardly attractive guy from UPS.


So then I totally forgot about the satisfaction of buying the perfect book for a 9 year old, and proceeded to pet my new sewing machine.


I’ve been wanting this particular machine for about a year now, ever since I read this. Jason got it for me as a non-Christmas, just happens to be during the holidays, we don’t usually exchange gifts-gift.

Subtle, subconscious awesome-oh.


I don’t even care if it’s real. This made my journalist/proofreader heart sing with joy. It’s not often I enjoy Bush-bashing comics (they just don’t fill the gaping hole in my heart), but this does.

Thanks, T.

I may act like I’m six, but that does not mean that I want to do group work.

There is nothing more frustrating and futile than working in a group. At this point in my education, I assumed that groupwork was something we’d laugh about, as in “Remember when we’d do group work in elementary school? GOD, that was awful.”

Yeah, no. In the intro course, we’re working in effing groups. I don’t think you can understand my fury right now, but think of it as some sort of piece of fruit, a peach perhaps, in conflagration.


Stupid sexy interslice

Even though there’s a happy modem box blinking at me, I don’t have straight up, fair trade slice. I’m waiting until as late as possible to call the help line so I don’t have to be on hold for 36 minutes.

That said, I’m going to be cranky and short in my blog. It’s only hurting those I love, but tough. “Life’s not fair,” my mother would often tell me, when I wanted one of everything.

Worst sleep ever

I’ve just discovered that the bedroom window that blows such nice cool breezes faces a truck route. That’s fine. That just means that starting at 4 a.m., there’s heavy rumbling traffic noises that bring me a tad closer to being awake than I’d like to be.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the major feature of last night. It seems a neighborly household was in an agitated state, and a couple would go outside onto their porch ever two hours to scream at each other. It’s one thing for there to be loud voices, it’s another to hear two people screaming, yelling, talking in that threatening dark tone, and generally upsetting the baby Sonya. There was a lot of “when you go off to work scream, scream scream” and “who’s paying for their school? I am scream, scream, scream”.

They’re no Crazy Aunt Purl’s neighbors, but they may prove to be contemporaries.

I thought about calling the police, but the first outburst was probably 15 minutes long, and I was absorbed in listening to their fight, and deciding if it was awful enough to call about. By the third time, I decided that maybe they needed to get this out of their systems.

I swear to you on this stack of laptop, if I hear so much as a peep tonight, I’m calling the po-po.

Off to GA orientation ::

Yea! Boo. Boo. Yea! Yea!

Last night I went to Neo’s with Hannah et al. I danced for 4 hours, and I have smoke-machine boogs.

Today I got my computer back from the Apple store, along with an apology and a $15 iTunes gift card. Great. I wasn’t going to tell them that I really didn’t use iTunes, that I actually illegally download everything I have …

I also found out that Abbott won’t be needing my services. The cost difference between having me update the website remotely and having Creative Services do it onsite is nil. Fuck.

Bah. Anyway, I have my computer back, and my plan for tomorrow is preparing some new photos for the gallery. Stay tuned.

I’m off to a grill-out.

I hate feeling yucky.

I’m trying to find a place for the cat I have. I feel really yucky calling adoption places and asking them if they’re taking new animals.

To make myself feel better, here’s a picture of me dancing with Margot Kidder at the wedding I went to on Saturday.


Viva Las Leaving Das Vegas

Good god. I just spent the last hour finding Las Vegas-themed songs for a bridal shower we’re having at work. Let me tell you, Tom Jones’ version of Black Betty is awful. He enunciates too much.

I think I lost a day

I went home from work last night, read a little Tim Sandlin, and fell asleep until this morning. I knew I had a cold, but wow. I think the last time I slept for 14 hours was the year I was on the homecoming committe, cheerleading, and my birthday all landed on the same day. That next day I slept for 16 hours.

AAAnd, I still have a cold. Tough breaks, eh?

On the upside, I did get a postcard in the mail that said that the TKGA got my submission and they would be mailing it to the evaluator shortly. I was reading the Masterknitter yahoo group list, and apparently the organizational company that runs the master knitter deal have been getting more lax about submissions. They let one of the best evaluators go. While that means that my swatches have a better chance of making it through, I’m disappointed that I’m not doing the hardest thing ever. Ah well.

I also agreed to go with Kat to a Joanna Newsome concert Wednesday, but then forgot that Wed. is kick-ass/take-names volleyball night. And, I emailed the previous owner of my cat (a much more pithy version of the open letter to her) and she said her husband might not let her take the cat back.

So all in all, it’s been a rough couple of days. Except for the knitting. The knitting is on track.

Technical difficulties.

I tried connecting the camera back up to the sleepy-time apparatus (you try coming up with a better term for it) but it wouldn’t connect to my computer. I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to see a third night of me sleeping, but you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. I stayed up too late watching Comedy Central and doing laundry, so I was too brain dead to figure out what was wrong with the connection.

On the upside, my weekend was both awesome and good. Friday night was full of hanging out, which I love. I got to watch the second installment of “I Don’t Know You, Chuck Munion, but You’re On a Reality TV Show” and drink girly drinks.

THEN, on Saturday, I binged on fructose and commerce. Jason, Jake, and I went to Target, and while Jason searched for new jeans, Jake and I drank copious amounts of Dr. Pepper with chocolate syrup from the Coke break syrup machine next to the soda fountain.

High on sugar, we split up and I went to Joann’s. I was looking for a cord and drawstring bit so I can finish the epic iPod cozy. Joann’s was as barren as an ant farm left in the front window of a Buick during August.

I went over to Micro Center, where Jake and Jason had already purchased jaw-dropping amounts of computery goods (this was premeditated, it just added up fast). Giddy on their purchases, they were looking at a MIDI keyboard that, when used with Garage Band, allowed us to make fat beats. Whacked out on Dr. P, I suggested that we purchase it, knowing full well we’d be spending the rest of the evening playing with it.

I was right. I made myself a nice Peaches beat, and promptly abandoned it for a craft project. I guess some things just don’t change. I might as well have been a toddler.

Anyway, it was fun, and despite my “drop it like it’s hot” neglect of the new toy, I think there is a distinct possibility that I might have an album ready by Christmas.