I was going to Bookmooch some books, but then I thought “if I’m going to mail these anyway, I might as well see if any friends want them”. It’s the selfish/altruistic thing – I get to feel good about sharing, and gain some shelf space.

So, I have a couple of books I’d love to get off my shelves. Email or leave a comment if you want me to mail it to you.

Blood, Sweat and Tea: Real-life adventures in an inner-city ambulance
It’s a blog-to-book by a London EMT. He writes about his experiences driving an ambulance through London responding to calls. It’s not too gory, but it is a great day-in-the-life of someone who has a really interesting job.

Best Friends Forever
I read this because the publisher sent it to me. It is NOT my style. It was almost good – there are two main characters, women with different kinds of fucked-up high school lives, who turned out OK. So, you can choose to empathize with the former fatty, or the cute and poor.

I Know This Much Is True
Wally Lamb writes great novels, but this was fits into the category of books you can’t read because there’s something too close to your life.

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