Computer science Friday: colo move

LibraryThing had been planning to move servers into our new colo in Somerville (we had outgrown our colo in Portland, lip balm notwithstanding).

As it turns out, changing colos is not as easy as yanking out all the cables, throwing everything in your car, shoving everything into the new racks, and plugging in cables hither and thither.

So, I found myself tapping in so Abby could go home at about 7 a.m. on Friday, during what’s now being called The Great LibraryThing Server Schlepp. I spent the morning in a colo (which means lots of racks of servers, lots of fans running, and temperatures comfortable for the machines and not us) shouting messages back and forth from John in Australia (the man orchestrated a colo move REMOTELY) with Tim and Mike.

It was a novel day, as my usual routine involves waking up and maybe putting on pants before sitting down in front of my computer with a bowl of granola.

  1. “Pants optional” is the phrase that keeps me focused on working toward a work-from-home scenario.

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