Guac-fest 09

Guacamole party
Two weekends ago, I participated in my first ever guac-off. My landlord (who’s about my age, and lives nearby), hosted the first one last year. It was such a raucous success, he did it again – only this time, he contacted the Avocado Council, and got sponsored. How’s that for awesome? There were avocado poster, notebooks, magnets, and even avocado tools (they slice the skin and scoop out the fruit).

Jason and I spent Saturday morning working on our recipe. I had this crazy idea to soak jalapeƱo peppers in lime juice – the goal being to spread the heat out, so you didn’t get a bite of superhot or a bite of bland. We also added some cholula, but not enough.

So, it was a contest of 8 guacamoles. We made it to the quarter finals, but then lost (meaning, either 3rd or 4th place – they didn’t discern). Guacs went head to head, and everyone could vote.

I think what the winning guacamole had was large chunks of fresh avocado. Mine was flavorful, due to the super-ripe avocados I used, but more the consistency of baby food because of it. I needed some super-ripe avocados, and some firmer ones, for texture.

In addition to being a contest, it was also an excellent neighborhood party. I met new people, got to hang out with my favorite neighborhood friends, and eat a bunch of guacamole.

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