Book Expo America is tiring

Book Expo America is tiring, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

I trained down to NYC last night, got dinner with Meghan, Joel,
Allison, and Al’s mom and step-dad.

Today I attended BEA – it’s a giant expo for book publishing. I was
there to get more publishers to work with LibraryThing for our Early
Reviewer program. (If you like free books and want to write a review,
go check it out.)

Now I’m on the Lucky Star bus home. I would have stayed for the
weekend, but I’ve entered a guacamole contest on Saturday. My life is
so busy, the weekdays are when I rest. I think it’s because I live in
a big city, so there’s just more available to do.

  1. I can’t believe you couldn’t even stay to try to score me a copy of Catching Fire? just kidding. You look super tired.

    we should hang out soon! (and I should try harder to get into the Early Reviewer thingy)

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