The hottt librarian conference begins

My morning, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Loran’s chickens

My evening,
originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Teddy Bauer and I in the subway. He graciously met me at the bus, and
accompanied me towards the train. Next stop, home. I really liked his
hat. And general spunkiness.

My night, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Watching the IA WI OT on the plane. I heart Jet Blue. Go Hawks!

but not lost,
originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

As I was checking my bag at the United terminal, I realized I had
forgotten the LTFL banner. I looked up, and saw that my flight was
going to be an hour late. Never before has a United eff-up work to my
favor. To wit, I walked home and retrieved the banner. Huzzah!

Library Sonya!,
originally uploaded by Musebrarian.

We talked of metada, storytelling, and Denver hot spots. Then we went and found cupcakes.

Oh yeah. Cupcakes. Gotta go.

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