Ma, there’s a storm coming!

Ma, there’s a storm coming!, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Let’s see. We’re going to need some fortifications. Oh, no wait. We’re

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  1. Stef says:

    Is that Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic? How is it? I think you guys are set for the storm, get some frozen pizzas while you are at it. We are in the frozen tundra here, the high today was 4, yesterday it was -2. Fun. It is so cold it hurts, it is not wise to go out. Thank god we have plenty of wine, cheese, bread & soup; now all we need are the Wadsgreens and we are set to hibernate, so get here now please! It will be 31 on Thursday so it will be like the tropics for Christmas.

  2. sunday says:

    I did like the cranberry lambic. Jason didn’t, but he’s intolerant of too-sweet beers.

    I’m glad that you’re warm and snug, while the temperatures hit the Kelvin scale!

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