Flickr set of Obama on election night

There’s a big set of photos taken by David Katz from the evening of November 4. They’re documentary-style images of Barak, his family, and those who came to watch the election results.

I started looking at the set, and although one of my favorites shows Barak with his feet up on the table, with perfectly-worn in soles, the one that caught my heart was this one:
Barak Obama and mama

Barak and his mom mother in law. Now I’m all teary.

  1. Umm, I don’t know who that lady is, but it’s not his mom. She died in 1995. (And she was white, remember?) Could be Michelle’s mom, though.

  2. Eep. You’re totally right. There are a couple of photos of her, where they’re acting in a very familiar, familial way. Hey, doesn’t that bode well for the man? He actively likes his in-laws.

  3. So, the Obama’s (and consequently, that photographer) were hanging out at the Grand Hyatt in Chicago while we all watched that infamous map of the U.S.A. turn blue on the edges and red in the middle, well, everyone but me. I was swamped at work in the building 2 doors down from Obama. Not that I mind, but his first act as president elect (or really, his final act as the Dem nominee) was to royally F up my commute. I have great pics from my way home. The city was humming. 🙂

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