John Irving in libraries

A friend of mine works at the Plymouth Regional High School in NH. He’s responsible for their zine collection and their movie club (therefore fits neatly into the ‘hot librarian’ category).

He pinged me to brag that after their committee to evaluate challenged books (to non-library/school folk, I mean books that are scrutinized for being inappropriate) sat down to look at John Irving’s “Hotel New Hampshire“, and deemed it appropriate enough to stay.

The head librarian wrote a letter to John Irving, and he wrote them back, and sent signed copies of 5 of his books. How awesome is that?

Can you imagine how many letters J.D. Salinger would have to write?

  1. Totally sweet!!! We don’t always hear the outcome of challenges where we provide support (and we hardly ever hear about situations where support isn’t requested), so this is awesome news. PRHS rules!

  2. Yes. Yes we do rule, but that is because of all the amazing people who support us and our freedom to read whatever the hell we want.

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