What’s this, what’s this?

What’s this, what’s this?, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

It’s the first set of fingerless gloves of the season, started in
Detroit. Why am I knitting in Detroit? My plane is broken, and I’m
waiting for the new plane to be ready. Ho hum.

At least it’s more fodder for Helpful Paws.

  1. What’s the yarn? Also, I’m going to try and convince the security folks to let me take my size 1 dpns on the plane tomorrow so I can start a pair of baby booties. Wish me luck!

  2. Knit on babe – on Wednesday I was crammed into a middle seat when my iPod died and my book ran out. Much to the dismay of the people on either side of me, I whipped out my 18″ bamboo size 10s and went to work on the second longest scarf ever (not to be confused with the longest scarf ever, which I knitted back in 2002) That was evil of my, wasn’t it? Also – can I get your fingerless gloves pattern?

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