1. All hail the Furminator!! Boo Kitty actually enjoys it and it does keep the hair issue under control. Dark furniture and black clothing + white 22 pound cat = well spent Furminator cost!

    Plus I think I could make an entire new cat out of what comes off.

  2. We also have a Furminator. Basil doesn’t seem to mind it too terribly much, but Mina is Not Interested. That will have to change if she wants to keep wearing her tutu.

  3. I saw that big pile of fur, and I said “I could spin that into yarn.” Jason looked at me nonchalantly, which is how I know he’s been Sonyafied. The first time I talked about turning cat hair into yarn he was horrified.

    Does cat hair felt? I could make Stella a toy out of herself.

    What? My grandma has a necklace made out of her mother’s hair.

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